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Advisory Program Description

Research shows that young people learn best when they are known, when they are cared about and when a teacher has time to give them individual attention. Advisory at OAHS offers critical academic, personal and emotional support for students, and ensures that every student has at least one adult mentor. Students are assigned to an Advisory teacher, who comes to know them well over their entire OAHS career.

In addition to leading Advisory as an academic course, the Advisory teacher will act as mentor, guide and advocate for her or his advisees. The Advisory teacher will participate in IEPs, behavior contracts, the development of student specific learning objectives, college preparation and be the point of contact between the school and the community for the student. Advisory teachers play an important role as advocates for your student(s). They counsel students, and represent them when they get into trouble or conflict with other staff, and students. They also monitor student progress toward individual and school-wide outcomes.


As an academic course Advisory establishes the fundamentals of academic literacy and hones the necessary skills for success in college and life. In so doing, it helps to accelerate the a-g academic courses by teaching many of the core skills necessary for mastering college-level work. While core courses focus on content, Advisory focuses on developing foundational skills. Over four years the advisory curriculum will develop, reinforce and provide multiple opportunities to practice critical thinking and social skills.

Each year Advisory will have a different theme and essential question to guide students through the OAHS experience. The first year Advisory theme is “Initiation” and the essential question is, "What is critical thinking, and how do I demonstrate it?" The theme and essential question frame the interdisciplinary projects and final portfolio presentation guidelines and rubrics for first year students. The course objectives align with the California State content and performance standards across the curriculum, but include units on craftsmanship, leadership and self-reflection. What follows is a sample of first year Advisory course objectives.

By the end of their careers at OAHS students will be able to:

  • Discuss rationally
  • Think critically
  • Differentiate fact and opinion
  • Identify and avoid common logical fallacies
  • Speak effectively in front of an audience
  • Write a research report with correct citations and bibliography
  • Compose, reflect, revise, edit and publish
  • Read actively
  • Recognize biased materials
  • Format a paper correctly
  • Design and present a Power Point document
  • Define and apply the scientific method
  • Conduct a scientific experiment or sociological research and publish it
  • Define and emulate the rhetorical modes of non-fiction
  • Identify one’s own dominant learning styles and intelligences
  • Choose one subordinate learning style and one intelligence to consciously develop, and demonstrate progress in using those modes
  • Describe at least two theories on how learning occurs
  • Apply Bloom’s Taxonomy as a tool for higher level thinking and critical analysis
  • Explain how different ways of framing a question effect different types of information or responses


Each student will have a personal learning plan. This plan will identify the current state of the student’s skill level based on the CA Standards and will document the student’s academic and personal goals. Personal learning plans will be revisited four times each year, and revised as often as necessary.

Personal learning plans are developed for all students during parent/advisor conferences conducted by the Advisory teacher. These plans will be informed by formative assessment and the particular desires/needs of the student. The PLP will establish the student’s personal academic goals and practicum objectives. Mid-year the PLP will be revised and fine-tuned during a parent/advisor conference.